Candidacy Process


Visit the Accreditation Scope and Services for more information about the Department of Social Work Accreditation offerings.


Review policy 5. Candidacy & Initial Accreditation in the Accreditation Policy Handbook to learn about the Candidacy process. (updated 9/2023)


Benchmark Grid:The Benchmark Model chart illustrates which features of the Educational Policies and Academic Standards (EPAS) and which accreditation standards (AS) the program is working on during each candidacy visit. For more information on the Candidacy Benchmark Model can be found in the Accreditation Policy Handbook .

Team Approach Grid: Optional resource for managing and delegating duties to team members.

Faculty Hiring Grid: Resource to assist programs in plainning thier faculty hiring thorughout the candidacy process

Policy 4.7 Document Formatting & Submission Requirements in the Accreditation Policy Handbook: Required guidelines for formatting documents for submission to CSWE.


Direct questions regarding accreditation fees to [email protected].
Direct questions regarding membership fees to [email protected].

Candidacy Eligibility

Candidacy Eligibility Application (updated 9/2023): The baccalaureate or master's program submits the Candidacy Eligibility Application with supporting materials to begin the candidacy application process. Once approved, the program may submit its draft Benchmark 1 document. 

Benchmark Materials/Resources

  • 2022 EPAS benchmark materials and resources can be found here 
  • 2015 EPAS benchmark materials and resources can be found here


Candidacy Visits

Review policies 5.9, 5.10, 5.11 in the Accreditation Policy Handbook.  (updated 9/2023)

Resources for in-person visits:

Resources for virtual visits:

BOA Decisions

Review policies 5.12, 5.13, 5.14 in the Accreditation Policy Handbook.  (updated 9/2023)

Requesting a Timetable Change

A baccalaureate or master's program in pre-candidacy or candidacy may request a permanent 4-month timetable change per each benchmark. To request an agenda adjustment please submit this form to the program's accreditation specialist. For more information on timetable changes during pre-candidacy or candidacy, please review policy 4.6 in the Accreditation Policy Handbook.