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CSWE Press publishes book and nonprint resources that address the needs of social work educators in the areas of the philosophy, theory, and practice of teaching; the process and evaluation of learning; and the organization and structure of social work education. CSWE Press also publishes materials that explore practice issues as they relate to social work curricula and field work. 

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Best-Selling Titles From CSWE Press

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn book cover Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn, 3rd edition, by Jeanne Bertrand Finch, Ovita F. Williams, Jacqueline B. Mondros, and Cheryl L. Franks builds on the previous two editions. This substantially revised text updates case scenarios, adds educational tools throughout the text, and provides resources to help field instructors apply practice competencies in their teaching. The authors introduce a justice-based framework for field education that centers challenging dialogues on diversity-related content in supervision as a foundation to undoing racism and oppressive practices. The aim is to enable field instructors and students to identify issues of diversity, difference, and oppression in their practice; apply their understanding; and progress in their abilities to advance justice.
Social Work Practice for Social Justice book cover Social Work Practice for Social Justice, 2nd edition, is an invitation and challenge to students and practitioners to tackle the personal and institutional obstacles preventing the social work profession from realizing its mandate to promote social justice. Systemic racism is centered as the foundation oppression of our country to provide the gateway for understanding and dismantling all other systems of oppression. Garcia and Van Soest probe essential questions about how social justice theories, institutional practices, and deep-seated personal and societal belief systems function to rationalize and support oppression, and they provide numerous exercises as a guide to increased awareness, understanding, and anti-oppression action.
Social Work in Rural Communities book cover This fifth edition of Social Work in Rural Communities is a compendia edited by Leon Ginsberg on modern approaches to social work in rural communities. Rural social workers face special problems, such as professional isolation, lack of supervision, the almost inevitable existence of dual relationships, and the different scale and emphases of life in small communities. This highly readable text offers guidance on these and many other issues. The volume contains 20 all-new chapters by and for rural social work scholars, educators, and practitioners on the cutting-edge subjects of the discipline.
Confronting Oppression, Restoring Justice book cover Confronting Oppression, Restoring Justice, 2nd edition, examines the twin forces of oppression and injustice and how social policies, cultural institutions, and prevailing ideologies promote or sustain them. Using an internationally informed perspective, it unpacks concepts such as internalization of oppression, injustice, restorative justice, social exclusion, empowerment, and critical consciousness. Since publication of the first edition of the book, sweeping changes related to the market economy, immigration, wars in the Middle East, and political leadership have taken place in the United States and beyond. Authors van Wormer, Kaplan, and Juby have updated this respected text to ensure relevancy and bring focus to new issues and perspectives while also enhancing areas covered in the first edition.