Becoming a CSWE Site Visitor

Becoming a Site Visitor

The site visit application cycle is currently closed. If you’d like to be informed about future opportunities to volunteer as a site visitor, please submit this Site Visitor Interest Form.

What Is a Site Visitor?

CSWE-accredited baccalaureate and master's social work programs host site visits as an integral part of the reaffirmation process. Site visitors conduct visits to programs on behalf of the CSWE Board of Accreditation (BOA). The role of the site visitor is to be an objective gatherer of information to inform reaffirmation decisions. 

Site visitors are expected to conduct at least one site visit every two academic years, however, typically site visitors conduct one visit per year based on need and availability. Visits are conducted in-person or virtually. 

Perks of Becoming a Certified CSWE Site Visitor

  • Engage in esteemed volunteer service and professional development
  • Enhance your own accreditation expertise and technical discussion and writing skills to contribute to your own social work program's accreditation efforts
  • Learn about new, innovative, and promising social work education practices
  • Have a network of peers and fellow volunteers with expertise in accreditation 
  • Receive annual letters of recognition for services, that may be used for promotions 
  • Join the annual volunteer celebration at CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM)
  • Contribute to the overall improvement of the social work profession and educational community


Site Visitors must:

  • be a full- or part-time social work faculty member at a CSWE-accredited or candidate social work program.
  • be an active CSWE member (or activate individual CSWE membership; included for anyone teaching at a CSWE accredited social work program).
  • possess at least three years of teaching experience in a CSWE-accredited social work program.
  • be willing to conduct at least one site visit every two academic years. 

Application Materials 

Applicants that are eligible and interested in applying to become a certified site visitor must complete the site visitor application.

Within the application portal, applicants will:

  • respond to a brief set of questions (including a statement of interest);
  • upload CV; and 
  • upload a letter of recommendation from their program’s chief administrator (e.g., dean, chair); that would support the time necessary to devote to site visitor trainings and commitments. If the applicant is the program's chief administrator, a letter of recommendation should be provided from an institutional administrator (e.g., provost). 

Application Review 

CSWE accreditation staff evaluate applications based on applicant qualifications and to ensure a diverse and well-rounded site visitor pool, considering, but not limited to the following: number of visits in the upcoming reaffirmation cycle(s), geographic diversity, institutional auspice (e.g., minority-serving institution, research/teaching focus), social work program options, size, and program foci. 


Applicants will be notified of a decision by mid-June . Site visitors are appointed to terms of 3-year terms of service , with the option to renew appointment at the expiration of the term. 


To become certified and be assigned to a visit, appointed applicants are required to attend training, even if previously trained. Appointed individuals must attend one virtual training, which will take place during the following:  November 9 and 17, 2023 12pm-3pm ET. Periodic trainings may be required of site visitors to remain current on the EPAS, BOA interpretations, and site visit operations. 

Additional Information

For more information please review policy 6.6 in the Accreditation Policy Handbook, or contact Alyson Balfour, Accreditation Volunteer Coordinator, [email protected]